Bulletproof Backpacks Reflect A New Reality In America

Backpack To Bulletproof - Leatherback Gear

In the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people were murdered, parents are taking additional measures to keep their children safe.

Parents are investing in bulletproof backpacks for their school-aged children in the wake of the deadly school shooting that claimed 17 lives.

Within 2 days of Wednesday’s massacre in Parkland, Florida, popular bulletproof backpacks temporarily were sold out on Amazon.

The bulletproof backpacks typically start at around $199-$399 depending on the number of armor plate inserts, which is significantly pricier than a typical backpack due to the price of Kevlar, the bulletproof material made by DuPont and is allegedly five times stronger than steel.

Some parents say they’re scared, upset, confused, and for some, it’s a haunting reminder of previous tragedies. Parents are looking for whatever they can to keep their children safe, from buying bulletproof backpacks to self-defense classes.

The string of shooting has made it a scary reality for parents.

“In the world today protection is a personal responsibility. Leatherback Gear – a manufacture of bulletproof vests puts the power of protection in everyone’s hands to make people safer.”

Leatherback Gear is the world’s ONLY bulletproof backpack that converts into a protective vest in less than 5 seconds, offering immediate and complete protection in any situation. Gun violence and public shootings are terrifying ordeals we hope you never have to experience first-hand. However, when the situation arises, protect your loved ones.

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Hacked Construction Sign: Zombie Attack Prepare!

Drivers probably got a laugh out of an electronic message board that was hacked in Pleasant Grove, Utah – warning drivers to prepare for a zombie attack.

Also in Highland City, another electronic message board near Lone Peak High School displayed a similar message, stating “Zombie Infested School”.

Zombie Attack Hacked Sign

Drug Dealer Brags Over Live Stream About His Cash Just As Cops Bust In And Raid His Home

Jacksonville, Florida – Breon Hollings started a Facebook Live stream to show off all of his drug money. What he didn’t expect was that the police were already outside with a search warrant, and they were coming in (video below.)

22-year-old Breon Hollings can be seen counting money in a Facebook Live video and repeatedly exclaiming, “This [expletive] don’t stop, man,” for about a minute before he hears deputies on a loudspeaker outside his home.

As Hollings runs out of the room, deputies can be heard in the background shouting, “This is Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We have a search warrant.” This is followed by a series of loud noises, which neighbors told Fox 30 were smoke grenades thrown into the house.

Hollings was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of cocaine and possession of paraphernalia for the manufacture or delivery of drugs.

Hollings has a long criminal history in Duval County, including previous drug charges, court and Jackson Sheriff’s Office records show.