You’ve been called a hero, brave, daring… and bold. You are the men and women that keep us safe. Whether you’re in law enforcement, fugitive recovery, the Armed Forces or security, you risk your life so others can sleep more soundly, and you need to know that the equipment you count on to do your job is the best quality, reliable and affordable! That’s why more agents, officers and soldiers trust their purchases with Agent Gear USA. We have a huge array of professional badges, custom badges, leather badge holders, duty gear and all the accessories you need! We strive to pack and ship your items in the quickest and safest way, knowing that your time is valuable and your dedication to your job is deeply respected.

Based in South Florida, Agent Gear USA is a division of Case Breakers, Inc. a full service background investigation company established in 2000. We have seventeen years experience helping companies hire the best employees through our pre-employment background investigation services, improve recovery rates with our phenomenal skip tracing services and offering other intelligence services. In 2007 we’ve broadened our market to bring our great line of products to the dedicated professionals in law enforcement, fugitive recovery, security personnel and the Armed Forces. When there’s no time to waste, our vast selection of high-quality products, low prices and fast shipping is your one source for everything you need.

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