U.S. Coast Guard Veteran Pin Badge


Are you looking for the perfect gift to honor the U.S. Coast Guard veteran in your life or add to your own collection of memorabilia. If so, this Coast Guard veteran pin is the perfect way to do so with a subtle, yet honorable recognition of military service. Featuring the American eagle with patriotic stars and stripes, this pin shows an appreciation of service and an admiration for the sacrifices that have been made to achieve all that has been done in the USA. All too often, veterans go unrecognized for their bravery and while they might not ever ask for the recognition that they deserve, it is the job of products like this to put on display what words alone might not be able to. Made from high-quality materials and featuring a durable coating, this double clutch pin will be a worthy and meaningful addition to any veteran’s hat, coat, or shirt for years to come.

– Measures 1 1/2″
– Double Clutch Attachment

An exclusive only found here at Agent Gear USA.

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