Tactical One Bulletproof Backpack


Leatherback Gear™ is the world’s ONLY bulletproof backpack that converts into a protective vest in less than 5 seconds, offering immediate and complete protection in any situation. Gun violence and public shootings are terrifying ordeals we hope you never have to experience first-hand. However, when the situation arises, protect your loved ones and provide them with the options to live another day.

The Tactical One Pack made by Leatherback Gear™ is a well designed, highly functional and yet sophisticated design. The hidden armor panels and separation zipper allows the wearer to transform the backpack in seconds into a full torso ballistic protection device. The ballistic rating of our armor allows the wearer to stop up to a .44 magnum round. However, the user can customize their level of ballistic stopping power by adding contents to their backpacks: e.g., laptop, tablets, textbooks/books, etc.

The Leatherback Gear™ backpacks offer safety and security to the wearer at a level never before seen in the marketplace. The backpack is a well designed, highly functional and yet sophisticated design. Perfect for the student, executive and traveler.

Created with the concepts of rescue and protection at the forefront of our designs, Leatherback Gear™ has designed and crafted a line of patent pending safety and protection gear. Designed by first responder personnel (law enforcement, medical, military and fire) who have real experience responding to active shooter and terrorist related incidents. Leatherback Gear’s trademarked products have been crafted based on firsthand experience with active shooter situations and other critical incidents around the world.

Weight: 6 lbs 3 oz / H x W x D: 20.5″ X 15″ x 5″

* Available in all states except Connecticut. Body Armor is illegal if you have been convicted of a violent felony.