Gun Tats

Nothing says hot like a woman with a gun and nothing makes him happier than a woman willing to use a gun. A woman holding a gun and firing it does something to a man similar to that of a string bikini. But a woman with a gun tattooed on herself?

My Dog's Packin'

His bang bang is worse than his bite bite! This puppy isn’t kidding around. He’s got you in his sights. Don’t even think of trying to intrude – this packin’ puppy is on duty! Ya, he’ll roll over and you can scratch his belly, but don’t even think about taking his gun! This home security […]

Zombie Attack - Hacked Sign

Drivers probably got a laugh out of an electronic message board that was hacked in Pleasant Grove, Utah – warning drivers to prepare for a zombie attack. Also in Highland City, another electronic message board near Lone Peak High School displayed a similar message, stating “Zombie Infested School”.

You Loot I Shoot

Just a few of the many amusing photos that were snapped during long term power outages.

Dogs Tattoos

It is estimated that people will spend over $55 billion on their pets this year. Let’s face it. People love their pets and for many these pets are like their children. For many owners, when it comes to their furry friends, money is no object. Many pet parents spend a pretty penny buying fancy beds, […]

Patriotic Tattoos

If you love your country and want to express it forever, what better way than getting a patriotic tattoo? Whether you want to showcase the beautiful stars and stripes of the American flag, display the beautiful eagle that symbolizes our country, or show off the military branch you hold near and dear to your heart. […]

The Ebola scare has a new trend taking hold on American soil and folks are scrambling for emergency supplies like face masks, gloves and protection suits. It’s too soon to tell exactly what is going to happen, but it won’t hurt to pick up a few face masks just in case. People don’t tend to […]

A Lake Country police department operative with four legs who answers to the name of Zombie is going to emulate his patrolman partner, William Poe by wearing a bullet proof vest, said spokesperson Patti VanTil of Lake County police, who explained that a Massachusetts non-profit making group that gives help to procure the protective equipment […]