How To Play Hide-and-Seek Against Thieves And Win

Published Apr 19, 2012 at 10:22 PM | 3,047 views

When it comes to hiding ones most precious valuables, you must be creative and think outside the box. Stop for a minute and look around the room you are sitting in right at this very moment. You could probably identify quite a few inconspicuous places to hide your treasures. It should be noted that if someone is looking to steal from you, hiding these things under your bed, in your sock drawer, or in a shoe box is much too obvious. Instead, find some unusual or innocent looking object and use that as your hiding place.

If you were to go to Google and do a search for "places to hide", the first thing that comes up is "places to hide money" next is "places to hide weed." Pretty funny. But if you look further, you can find many different articles about the best places to hide cash and valuables within the home. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

1. Place your money in an envelope and tape it to the bottom of a kitchen shelf.
2. Hide small items inside the empty battery compartment of an electronic item, such as a flashlight.
3. Bury your valuables in a jar in your backyard.
4. Conceal your money and valuables behind an electrical wall outlet.
5. Insert your money between the picture and the cardboard backing inside a picture frame.
6. Camouflage valuables by placing them in a sealed plastic bag and burying them in the soil of a plant.
7. Open a stuffed animal and put your valuables inside.
8. Put your valuables up in a ceiling light fixture.
9. Cut a small slit into a tennis ball, squeeze it to open, and place your valuables inside.
10. Tuck your valuables inside a desktop computer case.

Most burglars spend less than five minutes inside the home of their target. With that being said, sometimes the best place to hide your money and valuables is right in plain sight, without being obvious.

Besides the places listed above, there are a couple of other very unique hiding spots that you might want to consider. One idea is to buy an extra smoke detector and remove the insides. Then mount it to the ceiling and store your cash and valuables inside. It is convenient and all you need is a step stool to reach it. Plus, no burglar would be stopping to check your smoke detectors.

Another idea is to purchase the Canada Dry Soda Can Stash Safe. These safes are made from real ginger ale cans, so they look exactly like a regular soda can. However, this can is hollow inside and has a removable lid so you can hide your valuables inside. This is obviously one of the last places a burglar would think to look. According to the Chicago Police Department, these can safes are not only better than a locked safe, but they are also much cheaper. Get one of these stash cans today and outsmart those that want to steal from you!

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